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Supporting your favourite musician: signed or unsigned.

Going to gigs is a pastime that we all know and love! What’s better than going out to watch a live show of an artist you’re into?

It’s not just the fun of the live show but the admiration for the artist that is on playing on stage, and coupled with that is the support we want to show for the musicians we respect so much.

Though, it’s not always easy supporting all of the musicians we listen to. Time and money are both finite resources, after all.

I believe there are plenty of ways to help support all the artist you admire without breaking your bank. Even platforms like facebook, instagram, or SoundCloud can do the trick.

1) Share share share

Using any social media platform, share those videos, songs or even reviews. This will help each individual artist get heard on a wider scale.

2) Review

On any video or song you like, whether on iTunes, facebook or YouTube or anywhere else, why not leave a review? Adding your voice helps the momentum build as well as giving the artist valuable, rewarding feedback.

3) Blog about it

If you feel like getting more involved, you could start your own blog, or get into the habit of sharing things with other bloggers, to see what their take on the track/artist is.

4) Word of mouth

Talk about the songs and artists you love with friends. Maybe they will share your love for the artist and talk about it with others too.

5) Request their music on local radio stations

Any chance to get played on the radio whether it be local or online, is huge –, especially for emerging artists.

So start requesting your favourite tracks..! Platforms such as Spotify have created playlists for situations just like these. So go check out music you never knew existed.

These are just a few ideas of course, there are tons more ways to support your favourite musicians. Whether they are signed or unsigned, they all need a little help getting their music out to the world!

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