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Deaf Havana @ SWG3 Glasgow

When I think of Deaf Havana the words great, amazing, talented and humble come to mind first. The show that these 4 guys put on is mind blowing.

I first saw these guys a few years ago in London, they were a 5 piece rock band with the most down to earth lyrics and sound I had heard in a long time. I love them from the start. I knew one day these guys would be stars!

Fast forward about 5 years seeing them play a sold out show at O2 Brixton Academy, this was the first time I had seen them play such a huge show. They played all their classics and the entire Rituals album, it was glorious.

As much as I loved the big time show at Brixton it was so nice to see them at SWG3 in Glasgow, far from an intimate gig but it was less than 5000 people. The 1200 cap venue was a nice venue to be in, it was a bit more trendy than Barowlands.

This UK tour had 2 amazing starting acts, Hot Milk and The La Fontaines who to my surprise were the most fantastic supporting acts I have seen. It was The La Fontaines home town but the crowd was unlike anything I've ever seen. Let's just say they were hype by the time Deaf Havana hit the stage.

The newly 4 piece band ( Deaf Havana) hit the stage, they played all their classics and again almost the whole Rituals album. The sound was amazing considering they are still getting used to their new set up with out Max.

As a front man James never disappoints, he was born for that stage. As for Matty, Lee and Tom, you couldn't as for 3 better guys to be on stage with. The energy they bring is unlike anything else.

All I can say is they were born stars! They were and always will be a great band to watch!

Images By Jon Stone

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