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The Hunna @ O2 Academy Newcastle.

What a great comeback for The Hunna who are once again back on top.

The 4 piece band from London took a bit of time away from the spotlight to regroup and step away from their former label High Time. Now back on top with their new adventures on Various Management, The Hunna have proven they are more than just a name but also great rock band.

Their latest tour has been a huge success, with sold out shows at some of the biggest venues in the UK, most recently O2 Brixton Academy, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

I recently saw them at their Sold Out O2 Academy Newcastle gig, to which the put on one hell of a show. The fans were jumping as I've never seen them jump.

The show started with Retro Video Club and Barns Courtney who I can say with all points of sincerity that Barns Courtney has one of the best voices in the industry today as well as the stage presence to start any show!

The Hunna then came out with a bang. Showing up on a stage full of smoke and red lights singing a song off their first album '100' to which the crowd sang loudly with and never stopped until the end of the show.

Packed with all their classics, they also had the chance to play a new track, and what a song it was! This show just proved how great these boys really are, they don't need the old labels or the backing of a once hype up old man with money to be something great.

Proud to be a fan, these boys will move mountains just you wait and see.

Pictures By Jollean Tomsin

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