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Inspiration why wait?

We’ve all had those days where you’ve written and written, until there is just nothing left to write. You sit and look around, hoping to find something – a word, a picture, or an object – that will help spark the fire of creativity, and nothing seems to come. It’s the perennial problem of the creator, and you are not alone.

Inspiration comes in many forms and often when we least expect it. Unfortunately, it can also leave us just as quickly as it arrived. So how do you gain that creative flow back? Or for that matter, do you always need inspiration when writing?

You don’t always need an epiphany to write a great song, although it does help! But not all writers will have the luxury of inspiration at any given moment, and this is what makes them good at what they do.

So when trying to get that song finished, don’t just sit around waiting for inspiration to hit – do something, go out somewhere, read, listen and find that motivation to keep writing, otherwise you may never get that song finished.

But for the moments of extreme writer’s block and lack of determination, here are a few things to keep you on track and your mind still moving.

Think about:

1. Your past. Past loves, childhood memories and drifted friendships (we’re all human!) tend to be great sources of inspiration.

2. Emotions. The feelings that you have felt in the past, and the ones that you have right now are vital. Some of the truest music is an honest reflection of human emotion. 3. Holidays. Different seasons provoke different moods, which can be truly inspiring.

4. Family. From your parents to your children, relationships with those closest to us have been the focus for huge numbers of hit songs.

5. Bad days. We all have them – at work, at home, even on the road – now turn them to your advantage!

Always keep in mind that music doesn’t always have to be about a profound subject. It doesn’t even need to make sense every time! As long as the beats good and the hook is catchy, people can love it. Seal’s ‘Kiss From A Rose’ and Hanson’s ‘MmmBop’ had very little in the way of meaning on the surface – yet both were massive hits.

Good luck writing those songs!

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