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Kovic @ Bush Hall

You will never meet 3 more lovely guys than Kovic. One of the most hard working guys in the industry, Kovic never fail to impress.

I saw these guys recently in Shepherds bush at the Iconic Bush Hall where acts such as Paul Weller, Adele, Bastille, Ellie Goulding and Suede have played.

If anyone knows Kovic they know they are the most supportive band when it comes to new artists, so on this tour with them they had 2 supporting acts called 'Nikita Bassi' and 'Deco' both brand new to the industry but had the crowd moving like no other.

Once on stage Kovic had a sold out room with fans singing loudly to every song they had. Mark is such a great front man, jumping around on stage, singing and playing his guitar flawlessly. This show can only get bigger from here. The last song saw the boys jumping around with confetti flying through the air. What an amazing end to a great show...but that wasn't the end, the 3 guys then got off stage to try and meet everyone of their fans in that room and did not leave till everyone who wanted a picture or a chat got one.

I am loving the way they interact with their fans and one can only hope more artists will follow suit. I can only image what these guys are going to do next.

Make sure you get down to one of their gigs, you will be amazed.

Pictures from #1 by Jollean Pic #2 by Kovic ( facebook)

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